Orthodontics for Adults

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You are never too old to get your teeth straight! Regardless of your age or if you’ve had orthodontic treatment before, we are happy to go over your options if you want to fix your smile. If you have other dental work that needs to be done, we will work together with your general dentist or specialist to ensure that you get the best outcome possible.

Why Treat Orthodontic Problems in Adults?

Many adults choose to undergo treatment because they know the importance of maintaining their oral health and understand that orthodontic treatment can help them do that. Issues with crooked teeth can facilitate the development of gum disease, so getting orthodontic treatment as an adult can have some major benefits. Some adults had braces when they were younger but did not wear their retainers as prescribed, so they want to straighten any teeth that may have shifted. Whatever the reason for seeking treatment, we can help you determine what the best course of action is for you. Depending on what Dr. Miyamoto and Dr. Tamashiro find, many adults can be successfully treated with either braces or Invisalign (clear aligners).


Sometimes patients have issues that cannot be fixed with orthodontics alone. These are commonly skeletal problems such as large overbites, underbites, and crossbites. In these situations, you will need orthodontic treatment in conjunction with jaw surgery to correct your bite. We work together with oral surgeons to set up your case if any surgical intervention is required. Jaw surgery can also be used to help correct issues such as sleep apnea or impacted teeth (teeth that are stuck in the bone). Any time surgical movement of the jaws is done, it is essential to make sure the teeth still fit together well. We stay in communication with your oral surgeon throughout the treatment to ensure that you or your child achieve the best possible outcome.


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