Surgical Orthodontics

Many patients benefit from surgical orthodontics, which can correct jaw irregularities and teeth misalignment.

Sometimes patients have issues that cannot be fixed with orthodontics alone. These are commonly skeletal problems such as large overbites, underbites, and crossbites. In these situations, you will need orthodontic treatment in conjunction with surgery to correct your bite. We work together with oral surgeons to set up your case if any surgical intervention is required.

Other issues that require orthodontic and surgical treatment include impacted teeth (teeth that are stuck in the bone) and sleep apnea.

What Is Surgical Orthodontics?

Surgical Orthodontics is a procedure in which the upper and lower jaws are positioned in correct alignment using surgical techniques. Surgical Orthodontics is reserved for more complex cases where orthognathic surgery is required.

This procedure is best suited for patients with severe misalignment of the teeth and jaw. Teeth may be poorly aligned due to genetics or developmental issues, injury, or disease. Orthodontics alone may not be enough to correct these problems. Instead, an oral surgeon will surgically remove parts of the jawbone and reposition the bone structure to best support the teeth. Orthodontic treatment will then be needed to align the remaining teeth and ensure proper bite alignment. Once teeth are correctly positioned, they may need further attention with cosmetic treatments such as dental crowns.

Advantages of Surgical Orthodontics

Braces are clearly the best option for orthodontic treatment, but in some cases, they are not the only option. When patients have severe misalignment or jaw problems that make them a poor candidates for braces, there are other options to consider as well. One of these options is surgical orthodontics.

While braces correct the position of the teeth, surgery adjusts the gums and bones of the mouth to correct bite issues. Certain patients typically suffer from overbites or underbites that can be corrected with this procedure. The process involves surgically moving the bones within the mouth to the correct position using a titanium bar that is bonded to the jawbone until it is in the correct place. This process is permanent and very effective at correcting the bite.

Because surgery is involved, it is much costlier than orthodontic braces. In addition, there can be some physical and emotional discomfort during and after treatment. However, the end result can be well worth the investment. Patients also report great improvements in their quality of life after treatment. Since the process corrects issues with the bite, patients are able to speak and chew better afterward. This can be a big improvement for people who have had to live with these problems for a long time.

This treatment option is best for patients who have not responded well to other treatment options for their misaligned bites. It can also be a good option for patients whose conditions need to be corrected quickly. For some people, this is the best option because it allows them to fix their bite without waiting for years for braces to work. After the procedure, the patient will need to wear retainers to ensure the bone stays in place. This means they will still need to wear braces at some point or another in the future to maintain the results of this treatment.

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